“I have always been into fitness and took Victoria’s classes regularly at B/Spoke. She taught an intense class and to be honest I was terrified of her. I heard about her VB Brides program right around the time I got engaged. I reached out to VB and it was the best decision I ever made. I worked with her for 6 months and made changes from the inside out. I felt confident and beautiful on my wedding day and I owe so much credit to VB! My body changed but so did my confidence. I learned to love the skin I’m in and I’ve never felt stronger. I’m so glad I took a chance and became a VB bride and also made a great friend :) #strongnotskinny"

–D'yana Pacios

“VBbrides was more than a pre-wedding bootcamp, it was a complete lifestyle change with personalized meal prep and workout plans to achieve maximum results. VB makes preparing for your big day not only challenging and fun, but most importantly attainable through her 6-month program and workouts. VB provides the guidance and support to make sure every circuit and movement is done properly… which was hugely beneficial to seeing deliberate results and not getting injured. I feel a renewed sense of strength and confidence in my body – I wish I could get married again just to still be a VBbride and spend my mornings with VB!”
–Liz Swanson

"VB is nothing short from the absolute BEST! I thought I had a good workout and nutrition regimen before training with VB, but boy was I wrong, VBbrides is exactly what I was missing! VB worked my butt off, but still managed to make it fun! I left our last session feeling physically and mentally stronger than when I walked in, and not only that, but I gained a friend for life :) I cannot thank VB enough for making me feel and look fabulous inside and out on my wedding day!"
–Alexandra McQuillan

Working with Victoria leading up to my wedding was truly one of the best decisions I made! I had always been a huge fan of her cycling classes, so when I saw the opportunity to work with her in preparation for my wedding I was thrilled. I have never gotten results like I did with Victoria. Her workouts are challenging, motivating, and focus on the technique that will not only shape you but make you stronger. I felt so beautiful at my wedding and I attribute my confidence that day to Victoria. I would highly recommend VBbrides to anyone who is looking to look and feel their best, and who want the opportunity to learn from this amazing woman! Thank you Victoria for everything- you are the absolute best and a true asset to the fitness industry!
–Jillian Rainville

“VBBrides started as a way to help me look my best on my wedding day and honeymoon. But it became so much more. Victoria taught me how to feel my best, while still living my life and doing the things that I love (eating good food with family and friends). On my wedding day, I can truly say I’ve never felt stronger or more proud of how hard I had worked. After my honeymoon I craved the consistency and strength that came with the VB workouts and tried to recreate it ever since. Having a cheerleader who can take care of the workout portion of wedding planning for you - is 1000% worth it. Plus VB is amazing herself. Nobody else I would rather see at 6am.”

–Rebecca Castraberti

Before I started with VBbrides, I had been going to a variety of workout classes each week, but Victoria truly helped push me to the next level. She taught me proper form and continuously challenged me which made all of the difference. Victoria carefully planned out each session and switched things up which kept it interesting. She patiently and creatively thought of modifications to accommodate for a few minor injuries I had and also emphasized the importance of recovery and stretching. I left each training session feeling challenged and with sore muscles, and quickly began noticing a difference not only in how I looked but also in how I felt in our sessions and in other workout classes. Over the course of the program, I grew stronger physically and became more confident. All of this helped me look and feel my best for my wedding. I can't say enough good things about Victoria and I highly recommend VBbrides to all brides looking for the same!

–Kelley Maher

Vbbrides not only helped my physical health but my mental health, as well. I looked forward to my weekly training sessions - sessions that eventually became more like two friends working out together. She started as my trainer but evolved into a friend.

I loved pushing myself to new levels, I originally thought weren’t possible. 20 pushups on straight legs...me? No way! Well, it eventually was possible - I just needed to push myself.

I felt SO confident on my wedding day and I know that confidence wouldn’t have been there without Victoria. I was proud of how my body completely transformed and I felt absolutely beautiful. Honestly, it was the best investment I made for the wedding and I stand by that, until this day. When you feel good you look good. I felt strong and I achieved my goal I originally made for myself.

I have taken the workouts and nutritional information into my post-VBbrides life and I still feel great! My only complaint is that I wish I could still work out with her!!

– Katerina Kolbe

“Victoria helped me feel my absolute best on my wedding day - inside and out. I was the strongest, most confident version of myself walking down the aisle thanks to VB Brides. There is no cutting corners in Victoria’s method. She pushes you, but if you trust her process and put the work in, the results are unbelievable! Best decision I made.”

–Lindsay Schwimmer

"VBbrides changed my life. I went into this program unhappy with how I looked physically and how I felt mentally. I had no idea my eating habits and exercise routine ( or lack there of) was completely off  base. VBbrides helped me to maintain a healthy relationship with exercise and taught me how to move my body properly! I truly became my best self. Everything I learned over the 6-months has be integrated into my like since. I cannot thank Victoria enough for this program!!"