The nutrition team at VB Brides works closely with each bride to create individualized nutrition practices that focus on nourishing and fueling your mind, body and soul.   We know one thing for sure: planning your wedding can be stressful, your nutrition should not be.  So rather than being trapped in the rigid rules and restrictions of fad diets, the RDs at VB Brides will work with you to create simple, sustainable and long lasting nutrition practices that empower you to look and feel your best (from the inside out) before, on and after your big day.

We can't wait to share all  of our favorite nutrition tips & tricks while also personalizing nutrition sessions to each and every one of you and your level of training with VB! By the end of our program you will feel fully supported when it comes to your nutrition and have all the tools you need to sustain eating patterns that will be flexible, balanced, satisfying and nourishing!

Meagan is a Registered Dietitian who believes that a healthy lifestyle means a balanced and holistic approach to nutrition. She specializes in oncology at a Boston hospital where she provides nutrition support to patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.  Meagan's approach to nutrition is based on her value that food heals and supports a healthy body. Her professional and clinical experience has shaped the way she cares for her clients.

Meagan earned her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and her Master's degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University in Seattle, a school that emphasizes holistic health and introduced her to the concept of nutrition as a way to care for the whole person. She uses evidence-based practices to provide individualized nutrition recommendations to help clients meet their needs. She's especially passionate about supporting women in achieving their health goals, practicing intuitive eating, and building positive relationships to food.

In addition to her hospital work, she has hosted workshops on chronic disease prevention and creating balanced, nourishing meals for busy lifestyles. When she isn't working, you can find Meagan at a spin class or trying out a new plant-based recipe!

 Find out more about Meagan on Instagram @nutrition_by_meagan

 Catherine is a Registered Dietitian based in Boston, Ma. By day, Catherine works as a registered dietitian at InsideTracker, a personalized health analytics company with a focus on performance nutrition and longevity. Catherine strongly believes that all foods fit and strives to help her clients develop a healthy relationship with both food and their bodies. As a former college athlete and coach, Catherine understands first hand the importance of proper fueling for performance - for both your workouts and your big day! She strives to make nutrition accessible, actionable, and sustainable for all her clients. Catherine received her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from The College of the Holy Cross, her Master’s degree in Nutrition from Tufts, and completed her clinical training at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Ma. 
When she’s not connecting with her clients you can find her browsing the wine and cheese section of Trader Joes, making a mess in her kitchen trying out new recipes, or trying out a new fitness studio! 


Find out more about Catherine on Instagram