The nutrition team at VB Brides works closely with each bride to create individualized nutrition practices that focus on nourishing and fueling your mind, body and soul.   We know one thing for sure: planning your wedding can be stressful, your nutrition should not be.  So rather than being trapped in the rigid rules and restrictions of fad diets, the RDs at VB Brides will work with you to create simple, sustainable and long lasting nutrition practices that empower you to look and feel your best (from the inside out) before, on and after your big day.

We can't wait to share all  of our favorite nutrition tips & tricks while also personalizing nutrition sessions to each and every one of you and your level of training with VB! By the end of our program you will feel fully supported when it comes to your nutrition and have all the tools you need to sustain eating patterns that will be flexible, balanced, satisfying and nourishing!


Alicia is a nationally recognized registered dietitian, author, media spokesperson, nutrition consultant, healthy living advocate and fitness professional.  By day, Alicia’s role as an RD is in the hospital setting, specializing in digestive health, cancer care, nutrition support, and sports nutrition. .  Her passion for nutrition and healthy living has created vast opportunities outside of her 9-5 job, including private nutrition consulting for America’s Test Kitchen, where she has contributed to the development of various cookbooks including Nutritious Delicious, the James Beard nominated The Complete Diabetes Cookbooks and recently published Easy Everyday Keto.  She also consults as the exclusive RD for VBBrides a 6 month fitness & wellness program, where she works one on one with brides to optimize their nutrition prior to their big day.

Alicia believes  the key to optimizing ones nutrition comes from a deeper understanding of how to nourish our bodies while rejecting food restrictions and diet mentality.  She works closely with her clients to help them discover their own nutritional needs through intuitive eating and mindfulness practices.  Alicia encourages clients to shift energy away from obsessive calorie counting, weighing and measuring of foods and rather take the time to learn the value and role foods play in nourishing and fueling their individual bodies and minds. 

Recently, Alicia was appointed as one of the 29 National Media Spokespeople for the Academy of nutrition & Dietitians, the United State’s largest organization of food and nutritional professionals.  With this appointment, Alicia works directly with major media markets to interpret diet trends, debunk nutrition myths, and translate the constantly changing science of nutrition into usable recommendations for consumers. Alicia can be seen across multiple publications including Time magazine, Cosmopolitan, Eat This Not That, The Boston Globe,, Arthritis Today and is often an invited speaker on health and wellness panels across the Boston area.  

When Alicia isn't busy at work, you can always find her around food- whether she is in the kitchen cooking up a storm or trying out a new dish at a local restaurant (with a goblet of wine, of course).   She enjoys moving her body regularly through strength training, indoor cycling & yoga and loves to soak up all the city has to offer, with her favorite furry sidekick, Tiki. 


Find out more about Alicia by visiting her website or instagram @aliciaromanord

Yasi is a Registered Dietitian, and a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, based in California.  She currently works as the Assistant Director of Performance Nutrition at UC Berkeley Athletics and sees individual clients through her private practice, Yasi Ansari Nutrition. She specializes in Women’s Health and Sports Performance. Growing up as a dancer, she understood early on how important nutrition was for long practice and rehearsal days! Through counseling, Yasi provides clients with recommendations that are easy to follow and sustainable long after your wedding day! Each session is individualized for the client. She helps those she works with build healthy relationships with food and empowers them through nutritional practices that nourish their mind,  body, and training sessions to feel their best before, on and after their special day!  

In addition, Yasi is a National Media Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She works with the media to help debunk nutrition myths and educate large audiences on evidenced-based nutrition practices. Her previous nutrition roles included work at UCLA, California State University Long Beach Athletics and Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach. Her guidance has been featured in TIMEPreventionSELFSHAPEU.S. News and World Report, and Harper’s Bazaar. In her free time, Yasi loves to dance, write, hang out with her pup Jolie, and spend time at the beach!


Find out more about Yasi by visiting her website or instagram @yasiansarinutrition

Meagan is a Registered Dietitian who believes that a healthy lifestyle means a balanced and holistic approach to nutrition. She specializes in oncology at a Boston hospital where she provides nutrition support to patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.  Meagan's approach to nutrition is based on her value that food heals and supports a healthy body. Her professional and clinical experience has shaped the way she cares for her clients.

Meagan earned her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and her Master's degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University in Seattle, a school that emphasizes holistic health and introduced her to the concept of nutrition as a way to care for the whole person. She uses evidence-based practices to provide individualized nutrition recommendations to help clients meet their needs. She's especially passionate about supporting women in achieving their health goals, practicing intuitive eating, and building positive relationships to food.

In addition to her hospital work, she has hosted workshops on chronic disease prevention and creating balanced, nourishing meals for busy lifestyles. When she isn't working, you can find Meagan at a spin class or trying out a new plant-based recipe!

 Find out more about Meagan on Instagram @nutrition_by_meagan