On your wedding day, you deserve to look and feel your best. VBbrides is a proven 6-month program built to make you feel strong, healthy and glowing – never stressed out or deprived.

Through training, mindset & intuitive eating my team of experts and I will guide you to your healthiest self.
Best of all everything you learn is sustainable, meaning your results will last far beyond your wedding day.


One Month

This phase is all about laying the foundation. We will introduce sculpt, strength training, circuit training, fine tuning and core work. This month will set you up for success as you enter the next two phases with a connection to your body and a commitment to good form.


Three Months

In Phase 2 we continue to build. Additions like HIIT, resistance bands, heavier weights and compound movements will set the tone for the longest phase of the program. This is where you kick things in gear and DO THE WORK!


Two Months

In the last two months we keep pushing. As you continue to feel stronger the program adapts and we are headed straight for our goals. You are more than ready for the challenge and boy does it feel good to see how far you have come. Keeping the program strong with sculpt, strength training, circuit training, fine tuning, core and HIIT this phase will feel extra spicy and will have you ready to walk down the aisle.


Victoria had combined her years of experience in personal training, barre, HIIT and Strength training in one program to help you feel like your best self on your wedding day. Her energy and no B.S approach to fitness will keep you motivated, confident and feeling stronger than ever.

Your training program is a five day workout schedule that consists of barre, strength training, core work, fine tuning and HIIT. It is broken up into three phases and is mindfully programmed to feel fresh, organized and effective. 

There are two different packages, one with nutrition coaching with a registered dietitian and one without. If you need help deciding what program is right for you we are happy to connect with you to set you up for success!

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  • Five on-demand workouts weekly

  • 6 month Unlimited membership to livestream group classes + the recordings  
  • Access to Community Facebook Group 

  • Intro Call with VB









Fitness + Nutrition 

  • Five on-demand workouts weekly

  • 6 month Unlimited membership to livestream group classes + the recordings

  • Access to Community Facebook Group 

  • Intro call with VB

  • Comprehensive 60-Minute Nutrition Assessment with a Registered Dietitian

  • Three 45-minute follow-up nutrition sessions every 8 weeks 



Best Decision!

“VBBrides started as a way to help me look my best on my wedding day, but it became so much more. Victoria taught me how to feel my best, while still living my life and doing the things that I love. I can truly say I’ve never felt stronger or more proud of how hard I had worked." - Rebecca

Life Changing!

"I could not imagine getting married without VB Brides. Victoria and Alicia are the dream team helping you reach your wedding goals of looking and feeling your best. Plus all the tips and tricks (and recipes) you pick up really change your lifestyle for the better!"          -Lauren

Best part of the wedding process!

Couldn't recommend VBbrides more! They opened my eyes to a new way of viewing food, exercise and my body! They were so supportive and completely transformed my body. Would do it all over again if I could! - Lindsay


"I felt so confident on my wedding day and I know that confidence wouldn’t have been there without Victoria. It was the best investment I made for the wedding and I stand by that, until this day. When you feel good you look good. I felt strong and I achieved my goal I originally made for myself." - Katie 



So Happy!

"VBbrides changed my life. I went into this program unhappy with how I looked physically and how I felt mentally. I had no idea my eating habits and exercise routine (or lack there of) was completely off base. VBbrides helped me to maintain a healthy relationship with exercise and taught me how to move my body properly! I truly became my best self. Everything I learned over the 6 months has be integrated into my like since. I cannot thank Victoria enough for this program!! - Molly