Is your wedding just a few months away?

Prepping for a vacation or event coming up? 

Confused about what workouts you should be doing every week? 

Maybe just looking for structure and motivation your workout routine?

6 weeks strong is a great place to start.
This program has 6 weeks of workouts, programmed and led by VB, 
to help you unlock your next level of fitness.

 6 weeks of five programed workouts a week that will consist of




Circuit Training

HIIT + Low impact options

Fine Tuning


Five workouts will be delivered to your inbox every week along with tips and motivation to jumpstart a strong week ahead. 

Props used in the program 

- Weights ( light- heavy)

-Resistance bands 


-Pilates Ball 


Ready to get started?



"I started VB’s six week program at the end of September leading up to my sisters wedding. It was such a great shake up to my monotonous quarantine workout routine. VB (and my sisters!) kept me accountable throughout the entire program and made me excited to workout each day. My favorite part about using the program was that I knew what workout I was going to be completing that day, there were no questions of what I should do next. The workouts themselves ranged from “pretty sore tomorrow” to “can’t walk but feeling great”. I would definitely recommend VB’s program to anyone that is considering it. Accountability, a great variety of workouts and a price you truly can’t beat. "

- Jaimie Gorman

Six weeks strong motivated me to take back control, especially in a time when everything is so uncertain. As you progress each week, you discover what works best for you and how to keep the momentum. Thank you, Victoria, for a bright spot in 2020!
-Jess Bailot

"6 weeks strong was the best decision I made leading up to my sister's wedding. I felt lost trying to find a workout routine that actually works. This is coming from a girl who would take two Equinox classes a day. Let me tell you, I have never been so sore! VB's program is sophisticated, effective and so flexible! You can make your own schedule based on the five days of content released every week so you're not tied to any day or time to workout which was huge for me! I highly recommend signing up with a friend (I signed up with both my sisters). It was so fun to experience the program together, motivate each other and see our progress. If you've ever taken VB's classes, don't let the virtual program fool you - she's right there with you and your number one supporter."

-Marisa Gorman

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